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Charitable giving is a great way to serve others and help your community! That being said, in the modern world it may sometimes seem as if we are bombarded on every side by demands for contributions to worthy causes. Choosing a charity may be daunting, but you can create the most good with a targeted plan. Here are three tips to help you find the right charity to support and create a plan for doing so.

Find a Cause You Care About

We are all passionate about different things. Some people are passionate advocates for the planet we live on, while others are dedicated to feeding, clothing or sheltering the homeless. In many cases, our passions are the result of something we have personally been affected by. Individuals with a person with autism or Down’s syndrome in their family may be passionate about these causes. Giving will be much easier when you are giving to support something you are passionate about.

Research the Charity Carefully

When people make a generous contribution to an organization that later turns out to be a scam, it can make them much more hesitant to give to any cause in the future. By investigating charities carefully before making any contributions, it not only protects your own desire to be generous but it also protects legitimate charities. Before giving money to a charity, you not only want to determine if they are a legitimate 501(c)(3) but also exactly how their money is spent or what kind of budget they work with.

Also take some time to look on the charity’s website. Find their vision statement. Does it align with what you’re looking for? Do you agree with their mission? Reading their goals will help you determine whether or not you’d like to support them.

Invest More than Your Money

Donating money to a charity is certainly important, but so is getting invested in the work they are doing. Volunteering for the organization will not only provide a number of benefits in and of itself, but it will also give you a firsthand look at just how your money is being spent. The more invested you become in the work they are doing, the more invested you might find yourself becoming financially.