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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people worldwide have been affected. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, many world governments have urged their citizens to quarantine and social distance. During this difficult time, those on the frontlines are needed now more than ever. Health workers such as first responders, physicians, doctors, nurses, and more are individuals committed to their job caring for others. Almost every day, they put their lives on the line to help those in need. If you want to show your appreciation and support for today’s health workers, you can consider some of the following:


Employers of healthcare facilities can support their health workers by compensating them. Compensation allows people to feel appreciated and regarded for their work. Compensation doesn’t always have to be monetarily based. Health workers may need more family time or time off from work. Therefore, additional paid time off can qualify as compensation given to healthcare employees. Or, hospitals or corporations can give their employees a raise or bonus. Providing incentives for healthcare workers not only shows them that their work is valued, but it also improves performance in the healthcare industry as a whole.

Do Your Part

One excellent way people can support today’s health workers is simply by being considerate of other people. By following the healthcare guidelines for COVID-19, the spreading of this virus is significantly reduced. People can practice self-isolating and proper hygienic care to reduce contracting and spreading of bacteria. 

By wearing a face mask, people will lessen their chances of breathing in the virus as well as expelling it. Also, individuals need to be sure they aren’t rubbing their eyes too much. Gloves should be worn in public and physical contact with others should be kept to a minimum. Adhering to these guidelines along with consistently washing hands helps to protect people from the illness. This makes health workers’ jobs a lot easier as they will be able to effectively assist their patients.

Donate PPE

Personal protective equipment like gloves and face masks have been sold out in many stores. People can support health workers by donating personal protective equipment such as cloth masks, gloves, sanitizers, and more. Most health workers run out of these items rather quickly as they have to interact with an array of new patients daily.