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There are various charities that have been established to aid veterans. Of course, they’re all very different, but some are much more impactful than others. One way to separate the good charities from the great ones is to use a website like Charity Navigator. This service lets people look at the finances of various charitable organizations, and potential donors can see how much is going to administration versus how much is going to programs. Charity Navigator has helped identify some of the best charities for wounded veterans.

One of the top-rated charities for wounded veterans is The Gary Sinise Foundation. Gary Sinise is well known as an actor, but for decades has also been a champion of people who serve their country. His foundation makes it possible for active duty military (veterans and first responders) to get support when needed. 

The foundation also provides smart homes, adapted vehicles, and the medical technology necessary for wounded veterans to adapt to their lives post-combat. This is a four-star rated charity with perfect scores of 100 in finance, accountability, and transparency: the highest rating given by Charity Navigator.

Another great organization for wounded veterans is the Semper Fi Fund. Anyone who’s been around a Marine for any length of time will recognize that motto. The Semper Fi Fund was organized in 2003 by a group of military spouses. This organization offers everything from housing and transportation assistance, to direct financial assistance where appropriate. This charity is rated four stars plus impact. The plus impact designation means that this organization has been completely transparent about its financials.

The Fisher House Foundation is a great organization that provides temporary accommodation to the families of veterans who are in the hospital. The family members are even able to stay for free. Fisher House Foundation homes are located near VA and military hospitals in several cities across the globe. People can donate their frequent flyer miles to this organization, as well. This helps the charity to bring family members to their wounded loved one’s side. This is another charity with a four stars plus impact rating.

Finally, Freedom Service Dogs of America is an organization that trains shelter dogs to become active service dogs. They also do this free of charge to recipients. Training a dog can be very expensive, but with this organization, it is funded solely by donations.