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The Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward County exists to help improve public safety in the area by providing education, promoting public awareness, and performing charitable activities. The foundation was created in 1999 and is funded through their generous private donors. The group runs a variety of programs that help improve the quality of life for Broward County’s citizens and encourage better public safety.

Broward Retired K-9 Healthcare Fund

One of the many programs that they created is the Broward Retired K-9 Healthcare Fund. When police dogs from the K-9 unit retire, their law enforcement handlers often generously adopt them. Caring for these dogs as they age, however, can be difficult. Their healthcare and general upkeep can be expensive. The Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward recognized this problem, and founded the Retired K-9 Healthcare Fund. Now the foundation ensures that half of a retired dog’s healthcare is provided for until they pass away.

The foundation doesn’t only support retired dogs, but also provides for those still in duty. Donations help pay for  K-9 vests, trainings, healthcare, facility upkeep, and more.

Recent Fundraising Event

Last month, the Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward County hosted a special K-9 fundraiser. The event took place at the American Heritage School in Plantation, Florida. To raise money, the group auctioned off art by Art National Honor Society students and faculty. I also donated four handmade pens with a dog motif to be auctioned off. Other pieces of art included ceramics, photography, drawings, and paintings. One hundred percent of all the funds from the auction will go toward the Retired K-9 Healthcare Fund. The event was a great opportunity. I enjoyed seeing so many people come together who are passionate about supporting law enforcement and the noble dogs that have served our community so well.

Ralph Byer Dog Pens

Ralph Byer Dog 2

Other Programs

Although I took extra time to discuss their K-9 work due to the recent fundraiser, the Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward County supports many other programs. These include funds that help provide for the families of fallen officers, bullying prevention programs, and disaster relief. We are very blessed to have this generous group as a part of our community.

If you are interested in supporting the foundation, you can donate online via PayPal by visiting Checks can be mailed to:

Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward County

101 N Pine Island Rd., Suite 201

Plantation, FL 33324

Attn: Juan C. Arias, Chairman