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Ralph Byer

Community Engagement

About Ralph Byer

Ralph Byer, of Plantation, Florida, is a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management starting back in 1982. He is more than a family man, a friend to many, a working professional, and woodworking hobbyist — he is a man that lives and breathes community and civic engagement, having worked over the course of his lifetime to remain dedicated to in all matters of civic life, while giving back to those less fortunate.

Ralph Byer was taught, from a very early age, that the blessings of success come with a moral obligation to help others across all communities, both financially and through action. Ralph’s commitment to community has led to the development of lifelong friendships with those who share a similar perspective on the importance of fostering change through activism and charity. 

When asked to describe some of his charitable and civic endeavors, Ralph, first, speaks to the emotional rewards of giving, and sums it up as, ‘…. a way of thinking and living that is an emotional elixir for the heart and soul.’

When Mr. Byer speaks about the power of giving, and how it transforms lives, he doesn’t hesitate to mention his involvement with the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. In the 1980’s, Darrell Gwynn was a world champion in drag racing. In April of 1990, Gwynn was involved in racing accident that cut short his career and left him with a spinal cord injury that left him partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. After the accident, Gwynn established the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to provide support for those with paralysis and educate the public about spinal cord injury prevention. Mr. Gwynn’s wheelchair donation program has changed the lives of many, giving the injured an opportunity to move unfettered by their disability.

Another organization that Ralph Byer is passionate about is right in his home county of Broward — the Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward County. The Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward County is largely run by a volunteer Board that is committed to supporting anti-terrorism measures, taking care of the families of fallen heroes, law enforcement leadership training and crime prevention through education.

There is one more organization that Mr. Byer keeps on his short list of charities to support — and  that is Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options (JAFCO). Ralph holds this charity close to his heart, not only providing ongoing financial support to JAFCO, but also cherishing the memories of having been a foster parent to two young boys placed in Mr. Byer’s home by this wonderful organization. JAFCO cares for abused and neglected children and those with disabilities. JAFCO holds strong to their belief that the care of children in the community is a responsibility of the community, and they accept with joy, pride, and love, their role as stewards of this critical job.

To stay updated on Ralph Byer’s insights, perspectives, and experiences in community engagement, be sure to check back frequently for his newest updates! To learn more about Ralph’s affinity for cars and his passion for woodworking, adoption and foster care, be sure to visit his other sites!