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With the growing use of social media and popularity of internet, more and more opportunities are on the rise for people to help one another. Many communities have routine events for people to help others in the community or surrounding communities. There are usually events around for the whole year, or events catered to the season and the needs of people during that specific time of year. Younger individuals who are looking to make a bigger impact, become closer to the people in their community, or spend some time helping should consider participating in any of the events below.

Soup Kitchens

Many people around the world are lacking the basic necessity of food due to any number of reasons. Therefore, soup kitchens and food pantries do their best to provide as much food as they can for people who come in hungry. Whether it is through distributing or packaging food, or handing the actual food out to those in need there are many ways teenagers can help out in a soup kitchen.

Community Gardens

Community gardens are great ways for a community to use their land for the greater good of others. These gardens are typically tucked away deep in a community and are devoted to growing crops that may not be able to grow elsewhere, providing fresh and healthy crops to people. This eliminates long-distance travel to get their food in a supermarket. Teenagers can help specifically by planting seeds, picking crops, and collecting the materials needed to grow everything.

Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are a great place to be for people who love all kinds of furry companions. Shelters are typically filled with cats and dogs that were abandoned by their previous owners. These animals tend to need special care and people to watch over them. Teenagers can assist shelters by cleaning cages and pens, feeding the animals, and walking them around the facility.

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club of America is a great way for teens to give back to younger children and set good examples. By serving as positive role models, teenagers can offer younger children guidance in their lives that they may not have otherwise.

Backpack Drives

Backpack drives are a great way to ensure that children have enough supplies for the upcoming school year. Many students go to school each year without the supplies they need and don’t have someone to assist them financially. Teenagers can assist backpack drives by raising awareness, donating themselves, and dispersing the supplies to these children in need.