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Employees impact all facets of an organization. The prize of any organization is its people. Of working Americans, 89% feel that companies who promote volunteer events offer better work environments. 70% believe that volunteer activities boost employee morale far more than company-sponsored celebrations. 77% believe that volunteering is an essential component of employee well-being.

Clearly volunteering is beneficial for businesses and their workers. So how do businesses encourage their employees to volunteer? Check out this list of helpful tips.

Reward Good Deeds

Companies should recognize employees who volunteer and give back to the community. Although there are many ways to do this, financial compensation may be the best way. When considering raises, bonuses, and promotions, a company may also want to consider an employee’s participation in volunteering.

Paid Time Off for Volunteering

Some people can’t afford to take time off the clock to volunteer. This does not mean that they don’t have the desire to give back. When companies offer paid time off for their employees to volunteer or the opportunity to volunteer on company time, staff members get the message that the company cares about them and the community.

Communicate Volunteering Opportunities

Employees may have no idea where to start when it comes to volunteering. Communication is key. An organization should let its employees know about options to volunteer and should advertise upcoming events. They should make it a point to go further than email communication or bulletin boards. Meetings provide a great opportunity to advertise. For example, a slideshow or video of a past service event can get everyone on board.

Assign Leadership Roles

Younger employees are often seeking opportunities to learn a new skill or advance their careers. Extra responsibility can give them the edge they need by exposing them to new tasks and ideas. A company can start by nominating or appointing a volunteer coordinator. A leadership opportunity can be born out of just about any situation.


Companies should also ensure that a variety of volunteer opportunities are available for their employees to choose from. Businesses must also take into account the different schedules that employees have. When organizing events it is important to decide if a one day project or long term project is best.