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On March 3rd, Nashville, Tennessee was hit hard by a devastating tornado in the middle of the night when many residents were sleeping, unaware of the danger heading their way. Millions of dollars of damage was done, and houses, businesses, and livelihoods were lost.

The damage was so extensive that disaster relief organizations and volunteers are struggling to keep up with the enormous amount of relief effort needs currently necessary in the community. Everything from shelter to medical services to meals are being delivered to and coordinated across the area for those affected by the tornadoes.

Seeing the needs and devastation in Nashville is enough to drive many of us to want to help in any way possible, but we are not always sure of the best way to make an impact. There are several ways to help Nashville after the tornado that include everything from assisting to clean up to helping rebuild.

Local officials have established a dedicated response team that will help anyone that wants to volunteer through hands-on activities. The response team’s email account ( is the fastest way to be notified of the greatest needs around the area.

Donations of clothing, toiletries, and bedding are most needed as many of the individuals being housed in Red Cross shelters have lost everything. As many of these families rebuild their lives and businesses, basic household items will need to be replaced.

In addition to tangible items to aid victims, survivors will be in need of practical advice in regards to their finances, assistance applications, and in several other areas. Financial experts and anyone with expertise related to government or insurance filing can donate their time and energy to help many of these families that feel overwhelmed or lost by a confusing system.

Similarly, medical and health professionals that are able to help with medical or emotional health issues are needed. Surviving a tornado is a scary situation that can present problems and emotional and health issues for several years to come. By helping with the donation of your time, it can be easier for people to overcome this hardship and get back to the realities of everyday life.

There are so many ways to help Nashville after the tornado that go beyond monetary donations, but you must take that first step and offer your time and energy.