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Helping others is a gift not only for those being helped, but for the volunteer as well. Therefore, many parents wonder how they can get their children to participate in volunteer work. How can a mother or father teach their children the value of volunteering and allow them to experience the joys and benefits of doing so? Volunteer work can teach children multiple skills that will help them in life, the following being just a few of many.

Teaches Empathy

Children are at an impressionable age where they begin to learn about others’ feelings. By getting kids involved in volunteer work at a young age, you give them the opportunity to begin to feel empathy. They see that everyone needs help at some point in their lives and everyone goes through challenging times.

As they volunteer to help people, children can learn to relate to those individuals and try to do the same with others. Many people forget the importance of empathy. Even though you can’t necessarily force someone to learn it, you can encourage it through volunteer work.

Learn Teamwork

Some children may find it hard to work with others. Luckily, exposing them to volunteer work can teach teamwork-based skills; something very important for younger individuals, as you will always have to find ways to work with others in order to accomplish a goal.

Most volunteer work requires a group to come together and accomplish a specific task, so it’s best that your child understands the value and importance of working as an entity and sharing your thoughts and opinions with others in a healthy manner.

Builds Work Ethic

Building a strong work ethic at a young age is something that can translate to success later in life very easily for children. Homework, chores, and part-time jobs at an older age build necessary skills. By having them do volunteer work, specifically, you can expand this work ethic to not just completing tasks, but helping others.


Even though some children may be initially hesitant to take part in volunteer work, they can learn some very valuable lessons during the process. Take some time to explore any volunteering opportunities in your area that both you and your children can be a part of. Doing so will teach them some incredible life lessons.