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Businesses can provide great products and services, yet if no one knows what a business does, it’s not likely to succeed. That’s why it’s important for businesses to get involved in their communities. Higher levels of visibility can lead to higher levels of revenue. Here are some great ways to get your business involved in the community this summer.

Sponsor an Event

Many communities have race tracks or golf courses that hold numerous events during the summer. This can provide the perfect opportunity for a business to get some publicity. By offering to sponsor an event for a fee, it’s possible to advertise a product or service and build public goodwill at the same time. Some strategically placed signage could lead to more sales, which is what every business should be looking to gain.

Walk in a Parade

Memorial Day and Independence Day parades are two staple community events each year. Even small towns frequently have these parades. A business can build a float or have an owner or employee drive a nice convertible with signage draped over it. This activity can show community involvement and provide some great advertising for an affordable cost.

Hold a Contest

There’s no question about it. People love free stuff. There are few ways to create a buzz around a community that are better than a free giveaway. Setting up a giveaway for a free product or a nice prize at a place of business will bring in traffic. Few businesses can succeed without customers, so this traffic could also bring in revenue.

Adopt a Highway

Another option for getting involved in the community is adopting a highway. This involves taking a few hours to clean up litter around a short stretch of road. Adopting a highway usually comes with a sign that shows who adopted the highway, and this can be great advertising for a business. Additionally, it will help keep the community clean.

Donate to Charity

A final way that businesses can build goodwill in a community is through charitable donations. By donating money, products, or services, a business can help those who do good deeds in the community. All communities need some level of charity, and providing for those charities is a great way to build up the community in addition to being good business.