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The millennial generation of individuals and businesses is actively taking over the world by storm. Millennials are committing themselves towards giving to charity, but their approach is significantly different than that of previous generations. An analytical charity report shows that 84% of millennial employees are active givers towards charitable causes, both in terms of cash and donating their time. The millennial generation is making a huge impact and laying the foundation for the next generation.

Online-Based Charity

In this digital age where globalization through internet technology has integrated us so well, concepts such as giving to charity have also been positively influenced and revolutionized. The digital revolution has led to the creation of online charitable causes through crowdfunding platforms for charitable giving. The digital giving concept has been further facilitated by the existence of digital gadgets, such as smartphones and laptops, that are highly portable and thus encouraging millennials to donate to charity. The digitization of charity has also been facilitated further by the presence of fintech solutions such as e-wallets that allow individuals to access their money and thus conveniently donate to charity. Donating today is easier than it ever has been.

Social Integration

Socialization through digital platforms in social media has made advocacy and spreading awareness of charities easy. Social media platforms have become a major hub where information relating to charity causes can be channeled seamlessly and effectively across a wider population. This draws the attention of more millennials and appeals for their donations and support.

Availability of More Charitable Causes

The world today is more affected by many situations that call for charitable giving. The occurrence of natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes has lead to many people in need. Wars have led to many people who require support. People are also more aware of situations both at home and around the world. Starting charities or crowdfunding platforms is relatively easy. All of this means that there are a wide variety of charities available. Millennials are sure to find a cause that they want to support.

In addition, socioeconomic disparities have also shot up. The gap between the rich and the poor in many countries, both developed and developing, is on the rise. As awareness spreads, more and more millennials are demonstrating empathy and a willingness to contribute to the welfare of the less privileged.