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One way to get your employees more engaged in their local community is to host a volunteer day. On this day, everyone in your company will work together for a company-wide cause. Organizing a successful volunteer day for your company can be difficult given the logistics involved, but it will certainly be worth your efforts. Selecting an activity for your company’s volunteer day is one of the most important steps. You should pick one that is relevant to your community. It should also be something tailored to your employees’ specific skills. If you are looking for some suggestions, the following are some great ways to start! 


Investing in Pro Bono Work

If your employees are highly skilled when it comes to providing services in a specific area, then this may be a great opportunity to help them use their skills to make an impact in the community. Offering free services on technical aspects, such as creating websites for local nonprofits, is a great way to make a lasting impact.


Cleaning Exercises

Depending on the community you target during your volunteer day, you might choose to invest your time and effort cleaning the environment. For instance, the workers could dedicate some time to collect plastic and other waste along the beach or clean up trash along the street. Any act of making the environment cleaner will go a long way. 



Organizing and running a fundraiser is a great way to collect funds that can help advance social and communal issues. Consider collecting donations such as food items, funds, clothes, and other kinds of donations. You could hold a drive for a homeless shelter or food bank. Once your employees gather they supplies, they can spend a day helping distribute them. 


Mentorship Activities

Organizations rarely think of investing in societal mentorship as part of philanthropy. You could have a day where your employees interact with local students. They can mentor them and help them with projects. Members of your office can help train students in new skills. 


In-Office Activities

An organizational volunteer day can also be dedicated to engaging in indoor office activities similar to what employees do on a regular basis. This is especially beneficial in larger nonprofits where they can utilize a big group of people. Your employees can help with tasks like writing letters, editing documents, and organizing the office. 


A volunteer day is a great way to encourage your employees to be more invested in their community. Everyone can work together to use their skills to help create a lasting impact.