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Environmental issues are prevalent in today’s world, making it a priority for many people to do their part in reducing their carbon footprints. While there are simple, everyday changes everyone can make to help the planet (such as recycling, boycotting plastic, or eating more plant-based meals), those that wish to make more of an impact should look towards volunteering within their communities.

Taking a more hands-on approach to protect the environment through volunteering comes with an array of benefits. Beyond promoting conservation, joining a charitable group or organization allows you to meet more like-minded people, spend more time outdoors, and educate yourself on the environment as a whole and the abundance of problems we are currently experiencing. The following are just a few of the many organizations and activities you can take part in to promote the conservation of our planet.

World Wide Opportunities and Organic Farms

The WWOOF utilizes “eco-conscious farms” to connect farmers around the world with volunteers who want to dedicate their time to helping in exchange for room and board. The types of farms involved vary greatly, including orchards, homesteads, vineyards, and dairy farms to name a few. In addition to serving as helpful farmhands, volunteers learn about agricultural systems around the world and the issues we are currently facing within the food industry.

Arbor Day Foundation

Saving the trees is a crucial step in combating climate change, and therefore saving our planet. The Arbor Day Foundation is devoted to doing just that. Through tree-planting opportunities all over the United States, this organization is effectively cleaning air pollution, increasing the natural output of oxygen, preventing soil erosion, providing wildlife habitats that also offer natural cooling and shade, and reducing water runoff that leads to even more pollution. Trees are remarkably important for our environment, so volunteering with the Arbor Day Foundation is one of the most environmentally beneficial acts you can do.

River Cleanups

With the amount of water pollution the world has seen lately, even smaller efforts like cleaning up local rivers and lakes make an impact. Rivers, specifically, are also bodies of water unprotected by any government agency, and therefore require a little bit of assistance from their surrounding communities and volunteers. The effects of cleaning one are felt far and wide. Water quality improves dramatically for both humans and wildlife, and the removal of plastic saves the lives of thousands of fish, marine mammals, and seabirds.